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About Practice Setup LLC

Established in 2006, Practice Setup LLC is a full-service consulting company dedicated to the medical profession. The Practice Setup team has helped dozens of practices open their doors. An average setup is 6-9 months from inception to market.

The long list of tasks to accomplish when starting a medical practice can be overwhelming. This is especially true for a physician who is simultaneously maintaining a current practice/starting a new practice/moving/raising a family. Practice Setup works with the physician during the entire process and handles the responsibilities. They make the transition as smooth as possible.

At Practice Setup we provide a full service consultation to our doctors with a commitment to stay connected after the business is started. The hands-on staff lays the groundwork to build a solid business infrastructure. They are accountable to their clients and help them prepare at every level for a successful launch of the new practice.

Scott Robinson - Member Manager

Scott Robinson has been in project management for over twenty years. Striving to find the best supply sources for his physician clients, Scott networks with companies that save time and money + provide superior services.

As the member manager for Practice Setup, Scott has helped small businesses run more efficiently by stream-lining processes after a thorough business analysis. Through Practice Setup, he has dedicated himself to helping multi-specialty physicians open new practices.

From dirt to EMR/EHR to Grand Opening, Scott and his team can handle the internal operations of any medical practice. Collaborations on medical facilities range from family practice to ambulatory surgical centers to urgent care facilities. Practice Setup draws rave reviews from their doctor clients.

Scott’s can-do attitude also applies to his personal passions, which include volunteer work for children’s charities and organizations. He resides in Phoenix, AZ.

Scott Robinson, 2015

What our clients are saying

I have worked with Practice Setup for three years now. I am extremely impressed with both the product Scott gives plus his commitment to your satisfaction. I do highly recommend him and I feel he is much less expensive than a larger group. He has a tremendous amount of experience plus true integrity.

You will get the help you need from Practice Setup.

Peter Anderson

I have nothing but the highest praise for Scott Robinson of Practice Setup. In 2006, I decided to open a solo family practice office in Chandler, AZ. After 20 years as a successful practicing physician, I relied on Scott and his team to guide me through the process of starting up my own practice.

Practice Setup helped me find the office space, hire the contractors for the build out, get the financing, get the computer system and interior done, and deal with the other hundreds of details. Scott made sure all the details were covered – he pushed the contractors to do great work and deliver on time. Some doctors say they can do all of this supervision on their own, but I felt that Scott just did it better than I ever could have.

I literally could not have done it without Practice Setup. My medical practice opened in April 2007 and is thriving.

Erin Bradley, MD

Practice Setup provided me with the knowledge necessary to turn an extremely unique, novel idea for a medical practice into reality. Even before I signed up I was given advice on tricks to raise my credit score. The consulting company provides connections with every organization necessary to help a business function. Practice solutions’ marketing, finance, HR, IT, malpractice brokerage, and EMR recommendations were especially valuable. When I opened, people assumed I had been in business for years because of how well put together everything seemed right at the outset. This was possible because the consultation service provided me a giant laundry list of things to accomplish which, when complete, set me up with a totally functional medical business. I was aided months past my contract expiration date without nickel and diming me for the extra time, and still they check in from time-to-time. Simultaneously, Scott Robinson of Practice Setup is a hardline negotiator who goes to bat for his clients when dealing with various vendors and business associates. His marketing associate Jackie Carro is also very generous, professional, and goes above and beyond to make sure her clients get exactly what they want. Overall, Practice Setup was an invaluable service that made it possible for my dream to become a reality.

Zachary Fisk, MD, MBA

Acute Pain Management, PLLC

I recommend Scott Robinson if you are in need of setting up a newpractice. He has helped many providers organize and setup their practice without complications. Med Trans, Inc. 

Mary Park

Med Trans, Inc.

Scott is a very friendly, energetic and highly innovative person who is open to new ideas and really cares for his clients and does not rest until they are satisfied. He helped me establish Wellesley Medical and I cannot be happier to have had him as a partner during those tough times of establishing a business. I still go back to him and ask him for advice and he is happy to provide to it me as a friend and we have remained close friend since our very first visit.

Pouya Shafipour, MD

I highly recommend Scott for anyone thinking about starting a new medical practice. He is resourceful, ethical and diligent. He places the interests of his clients first and foremost. In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, Scott is forward-thinking and also knows how to think outside the box. Last but not least, Scott is a great person.

W. Poayi Wu, Owner

Integrated Neurology, Sleep & Acupuncture

Although I’ve not yet had the opportunity to work with Scott, he has certainly provided colleague support when I’ve reached out peer-to-peer. He is well versed in all aspects of medical practices and would hope he will soon have more clients in Phoenix rather that out of state! I recommend him with no hesitation. He is active in supporting many charitable causes in Phoenix which speaks volumes to his generosity and ability to manage a personal and professional life. I happen to be acquainted with his wife, and they are both the same caliber of professionalism and expertise in their industries.

Cindy Leonard, Administrator

Arizona Associated Surgeons

Scott Robinson is great at organizing the setup of a new private practice. He outlines the “buckets” that need filling prior to opening. If you follow his lead and give enough time to the endeavor you will check all the correct boxes and achieve success.

Dr. Bruce Strober

Central Connecticut Dermatology