What Does a Medical Consultant Do?

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Healthcare providers need medical consultants to take care of business-related issues so they can focus on the priority of treating patients. As a medical consultant, you’ll help improve the efficiency of physicians and healthcare facilities by solving some of their most complex business problems.

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The Job of a Medical Consultant

While many doctors are highly skilled in their healthcare roles, they might need assistance in the business aspects of running a healthcare facility. As a medical consultant, you could help professionals and companies in the healthcare industry make financial and operational business decisions. You’d lend your advice on a wide range of company matters, including salary, staffing, budgeting, and advertising. You could also advise on regulatory issues, like safety and insurance plan compliance, patient confidentiality, hazardous waste, and lawsuits.

Medical consultants often work with healthcare start-ups or medical companies looking to revamp their businesses. In these cases, you’d assist with many different issues involved in starting or rebuilding a business. Along with providing your expertise, you could supply your clients with the business contacts and legislative information they need to establish a strong healthcare company.

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Starting up a Medical Practice? Check this!

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This blog article was submitted by our friends at Marketing Ideals Company.  We LOVE a good collaboration.

Over the past 15 years we’ve had the great pleasure of working with Practice Setup. Practice Setup is a full service medical practice project management company that provides a broad spectrum of consultation and services to doctors nationwide. Scott Robinson is the owner and visionary behind Practice Setup. He saw the need for offering these services nearly two decades ago during his career in the medical field as he was sourcing medical supplies for physicians.

His one-to-one approach and hands-on style set him apart from a handful of other companies who may provide some but not all of the services he does. His commitment is steadfast; staying connected even after the doors of the new practice open. He is accountable to clients for laying the groundwork, building a solid business infrastructure, preparation at every level, and successfully launching each new practice.

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When we met Scott he was doing two of his favorite things: golfing and raising money for charity. That’s what we love most about Scott – his authenticity and good heart.

Scott Robinson gathering up bedding for the Sojourner Center in Phoenix

Scott spends a lot of his time collecting bedding for the Sojourner Center, raising cash for the Child Crisis Center, and volunteering his time for Sky Kids.

Practice Setup Team with Sky Kids

If you’re a physician who may be on the road to opening your own practice, don’t travel the road alone!  Or, if you know someone with questions about setting up a medical practice, Practice Setup is a good place to start. And guess what? When you call Practice Setup, Scott will most likely answer the phone. He always answers the phone. What better way to begin your journey down the practice set up road than by talking to the guy who has been navigating for 20+ years?  Scott’s experience in the medical field and his network of contacts near and far are priceless.

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We appreciate Scott and the Practice Setup team and we know you will too.

Practice Setup can increase your odds for success

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COST VS REWARD OF OPENING A MEDICAL PRIVATE PRACTICE Although considered one of the most challenging endeavors in the health care field, starting a medical private practice is also viewed as one of the most rewarding accomplishments for a physician or medical professional. The ability to make decisions and provide treatment that directly influences the quality and standards of care delivered to a patient is often a coveted career choice for clinicians. However, private practice comes with a multitude of obstacles to overcome, hardships, start-up costs to pay, and common mistakes to avoid. Starting a medical practice is similar to launching any other small business, and is subject to the same statistics as any other newly-established business venture. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, roughly 50 percent of new businesses fold within five years. Physicians, who plan well, secure proper funding and remain flexible in the ever-changing climate of healthcare, face a better overall chance of achieving private practice success. Contact Practice Setup today!