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Scott Robinson, Founder of Practice Setup Embarks on a Pioneering Journey with the Launch of IVF Practice Setup Services

Phoenix, AZ – Practice Setup, a leading innovator in healthcare solutions, is proud to announce its latest venture into the realm of assisted reproductive technology with the introduction of IVF Practice Setup services. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone for partners Scott Robinson, and Juan Galan, as it reinforces our commitment to advancing healthcare and empowering fertility professionals worldwide.

In response to the growing demand for comprehensive fertility services, IVF Practice Setup has leveraged its expertise to develop a turnkey solution for establishing state-of-the-art In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) practices. This initiative comes at a time when the need for fertility treatments is on the rise, and the company aims to facilitate the accessibility and efficiency of IVF services globally.

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Key Features of IVF Practice Setup Services

Comprehensive Consultation: Our team of experienced consultants will provide personalized guidance, assisting healthcare professionals in understanding the intricacies of setting up a successful IVF practice. From regulatory compliance to facility design, we cover all aspects to ensure a seamless and compliant launch.

Cutting-Edge Technology Integration: IVF Practice Setup is at the forefront of technological innovation in healthcare. Through our IVF Practice Setup services, we bring the latest advancements in reproductive technology, laboratory equipment, and data management systems to enhance the efficiency and success rates of IVF procedures.

Training and Development: To ensure that healthcare professionals are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of IVF, IVF Practice Setup offers comprehensive training programs. These programs cover the latest medical protocols, laboratory techniques, and patient care, empowering practitioners to deliver high-quality fertility services.

Customized Facility Design: Every IVF practice is unique, and IVF Practice Setup recognizes the importance of tailored facility design and branding. Our experts collaborate with clients to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment that fosters patient comfort and ensures optimal workflow for healthcare providers.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance: Navigating the regulatory landscape in reproductive medicine can be challenging. IVF Practice Setup provides thorough guidance and support to ensure that IVF practices adhere to local and international regulations, fostering trust and confidence among patients and regulatory authorities.

IVF Practice Setup is confident that these services will not only simplify the process of establishing fertility clinics but also contribute to the advancement of reproductive healthcare globally. By combining our expertise with a commitment to innovation, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals seeking fertility treatments.

For more information about IVF Practice Setup, please visit ivfpracticesetup.com or contact our agency of record, [email protected].
About Practice Setup in an industry leader dedicated to transforming healthcare through innovation and excellence. With a proven track record of nearly two decades, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the fertility space. Our team of experts is committed to providing solutions that enhance patient outcomes and empower healthcare professionals.

About Us

Scott Robinson


Scott Robinson has been in project management for over twenty years. Striving to find the best supply sources for his physician clients, Scott networks with companies that save time and money + provide superior services.

As the member manager for Practice Setup, Scott has helped small businesses run more efficiently by stream-lining processes after a thorough business analysis. Through Practice Setup, he has dedicated himself to helping multi-specialty physicians open new practices.

From dirt to EMR/EHR to Grand Opening, Scott and his team can handle the internal operations of any medical practice. Collaborations on medical facilities range from family practice to ambulatory surgical centers to urgent care facilities. Practice Setup draws rave reviews from their doctor clients.

Scott’s can-do attitude also applies to his personal passions, which include volunteer work for children’s charities and organizations. He resides in Phoenix, AZ.

Juan Galan


Galán, a seasoned Chief Financial Officer with a remarkable 30-year career in both public and private sectors, has been a pivotal force in the financial world. His expertise and strategic foresight have successfully raised millions in capital for various startups, a testament to his exceptional financial acumen. Notably, under his financial leadership, one ambitious company made a groundbreaking debut on NASDAQ through a successful IPO.

Since 2017, Galán has been at the financial helm of a pioneering global stem cell clinic and research facility. Here, he doesn’t just manage numbers; he drives pivotal strategic initiatives. His leadership is instrumental in expanding the company’s international presence, establishing new treatment centers, and seizing opportunities that align with the company’s noble mission: to alleviate suffering and enhance the quality of life globally. Galán’s role transcends financial operations; he is a visionary, continually pushing the boundaries to make a profound impact on the world.

Chris Myer


Chris Myer has a broad cross-section of experience in the medical device industry including almost a decade in the Fertility/Reproductive Health market integrating businesses, developing practices and creating lasting partnerships. Prior to joining Practice Setup, Mr. Myer also held leadership positions at leading medical device and capital equipment companies including McKesson Corporation, CooperSurgical, INVO Bioscience and Alliance Healthcare Services. Mr. Myer holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Connecticut University and an M.B.A. from Southern New Hampshire University.

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